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About Us

The foundation of every great dining establishment is delicious food and drink. So, it was fitting, with a Polynesian chef who loves the food from the islands, and has a passion for great French cuisine as well, to name this new establishment Le Ono, loosely translated into French/Hawaiian is “The Delicious”.


Starting with only the best ingredients and taking familiar French dishes that are elevated using Polynesian ingredients and techniques to deliver some of the most delicious food in the St. Louis region. Le Ono is a very approachable concept with dishes to suit all palates, yet distinctly different than anything currently in the area.

The cocktail program is based on fresh ingredients and well thought out classics using the mixology technique. Cocktails made with love that fit the theme with unique tiki, Polynesian and classic French options on the menu along with a great selection of French wines.

Hospitality driven, Talani and Lisa, our owners, have worked in restaurants in Los Angeles, Chicago and Hawaii. In 2019, they opened their first restaurant, Grit and Tonic at 120 W. St. Louis St. in Lebanon, known for its classic crafted cocktails and seasonal bites served in a 1920s speakeasy atmosphere. Le Ono is their second concept and opened in May 2023.

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